Jesus Loves You!

“The Old Rugged Cross” 

Jesus loves you so much that He died for you!


Jesus loves you so much
that He died for you!

Had you been the only person on this earth, God would have still sent His son, Jesus, to die on an old rugged cross for you! He came to take the sins of all mankind upon His cross.

If you believe this and give your heart and trust to Jesus, you’ve lost nothing and gained everything…..even if the Bible were a lie and none of this happened, you’ve lost nothing but gained a better life.

However….suppose you choose NOT to believe Jesus is the Son of God, died on a cross for your sins and is in Heaven with the Father God right now, preparing a home for those who accept and live for Him…..AND IT IS ALL VERY TRUE…you’ve lost everything and gained nothing!

Choose Jesus as your Savior….repent of your sins, ask forgiveness of previous sin and live a life that Jesus would be proud of. Let Him make a change in your heart and life… can only benefit from it….now AND later!!!