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The Revelators “Here I Am To Worship” 

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…..Carol sharing a moment in song at The Joyful Noise…..


NEWSLETTER UPDATE – August 26, 2021

Dear Friends & Family AND those who surf into this website….. Love & Blessings to all!

My prayer is that the pandemic has lightened up for all of you out there in FaceBook Land.  It seems to have lightened up for me & my family somewhat…. but there is still a good ways to go.  There is still not much going on with area church’s hosting Gospel Singings or bookings outside of the area either, at least for me ….. However, God continues to allow me the privilege of leading music at my home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church.  We hosted our first “open to the public” Gospel Music Celebration, on Saturday, March 27, 2021, since the pandemic began in 2020! We also hosted another Gospel Music Celebration this August 21, 2021, followed with an Ice Cream Social. Attendance is still very low even for Sunday services, but every week it seems someone new will venture into the service.  If everyone who has attended off & on would come on the same Sunday, we’d have a good attendance (LOL)

I’ve made one trip to Branson & that was on May 2, 2021 “Jammin’ for Jesus” event, in Branson MO. These events were just starting up again, due to cancellations this past year, caused by the pandemic.  Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, was the first one of this year. They are held at the Baldknobber’s Theater on those first Sunday’s of the month, at 2:00 p.m.  There is no charge, but canned foods are accepted for donation, to help those in need in the Branson area.  Thank You, Dear God, for these doors that are opening for us to minister. Please continue to make available the opportunities for us to serve our communities in peace & share the Good News of Jesus Christ through out Testimonies and Gospel Music…. in Jesus Name…. Amen 

My hubby & I have had opportunity to participate in local events, sharing our love for Christ & His music…. we are very thankful for those opportunities. Thank you to those who have invited us in & made us feel so welcomed! 

Knowing that God has everything pertaining to Carol’s Music Ministry in complete control is such a great comfort! I pray that I will be seeing many of you at upcoming events that may be formulating!  Thank you for your encouragement and love for the ministry God has allowed me to share with others…. to encourage others and lead even one to the Saving Grace of Christ Jesus! Please, don’t forget to mark your calendars and pray that opportunity for our monthly Gospel Music Celebrations, will open up again for us!  These Gospel Music Events are held at my  home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, in Desoto, MO. We try to have one on the third Saturday evening of each month, March through December.  These events will be on this website’s Activity/Calendar Page.  The Revelators are always on hand to offer up some great gospel music and we have several special guests during those times, as well…. come be Blessed!

I pray for all who visit this page…. your support and encouragement continue to lift me up!!

Love & Blessings to all of you, through Christ Jesus!


(Back L-R) Grant Weinhaus, Jen Henbest, Nicholas Kitchen, Tommy How
(Front L-R) Tookie Sipp, Carol Sanguinette-How, Angie Baldwin, Shannon Kitchen

In July of 2018, the Revelators, in Ste. Genevieve, MO. at the CGMA Central Division Convention, were recognized as the Band of the Year! Later, in October 2018, the band received recognition as the International Band of the Year, at the International CGMA Convention, in Branson MO!  This was such an honor for the Revelators and were very humbled by this honor.  Thank You to other CGMA Members for your support and encouragement during these times!  Dear Heavenly Father, we Thank You for this gift…..

The Revelators are continuing to put the final vocal harmonies to their first recorded CD and hope to have it available
to the public yet this year ….. Hallelujah ….. a very slow process especially with the pandemic issues going on, 
but God will allow us to finalize this endeavor & we thank all of our sponsors for working with us.
It’s always so much fun to do events with The Revelators!  The Revelators play music for the Morning Worship Service at our home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church  (at 10:45 a.m.) Practices are also held every Wednesday evening (6-7 p.m.) & the doors are always open for visitors to come sit & enjoy the music! The 3rd Saturday evening (at 6:00 p.m.) of most months is the Gospel Music Celebration!!  We are also open to participating in events at other churches, local fundraisers & activities.

Updates of a ministry nature are as follows:

I continue to lead music at Emmanuel Baptist Church and pull together a Gospel Music Celebration once a month. Utilizing our own talents individually & as a group (The Revelators) and with CGMA members, who are always willing to come share the evening & their talents, each Celebration is a Gift from God!!! I Praise God for all of you who attend the Celebrations & show your support and encouragement! Thank you all!

I’m praying God will bring about many opportunities to share my testimony of God’s tremendous love and blessings through His music, still as this year is ending! I’m always so thrilled when He opens a door for me to share with others His Goodness! FaceBook has opened a whole new area of sharing the ministry God has given me!  I do my very best, through much prayer, to be an encourager and positive hope to others, through His Word, on FaceBook, as well as through this website! Updates on future events are recorded on the Calendar of Events, so please be sure to check the Calendar often to see what you might be able to attend!! We will be adding several more events as the Holiday’s approach!

I continue to Praise God and Love Jesus with every breath that I am blessed with…..thanking all of you for your continued support….. I remain your Sister in Christ & Friend….. Love, prayers and God’s Blessings to all!


If you live or are visiting in the St. Louis area around any 3rd Saturday of the month, I pull together a Music Night at my home church on that date. We start at 6:00 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. If we have a featured guest, we usually take up a love offering at the end of the evening to help that guest with traveling and ministering expenses. Each month, we also feature our church band (The Revelators) and other local talents. It is a great evening of worship through God’s music and testimony. You will be blessed if able to attend!


Blessings to all…..There is no other Joy like the Joy of Jesus! Don’t let the ol’ devil steal you Joy…..fight back with the Word, Prayer and continued Strength through Christ Jesus. The days ahead for each of us and our fellow countrymen are going to be tough ones…..without the Hope of Jesus, we won’t make it! My love, prayers and energies continue in the Service of the King! Join me!


God is so very Good! What more could we possibly ask for then, first, a knowledge of our Salvation through Christ Jesus and that security; second, our families and their good health; and, third, friends that we love as family and can depend on for encouragement and support! Life is wonderful…..we MUST “PRAISE GOD CONTINUOUSLY” for the protection He provides us as Believers and Workers of His Harvest! Let us not forget what our purpose in Christ Jesus is… share the Good News and help lead others to His Saving Grace! Thank you, Dear God, for that great sacrifice of Your Son…..thank you, Dear Jesus, for accepting willingly Your sacrifice! We Praise and Honor, You, Christ Jesus and Dear Father! I will close, as I always do, by saying: My prayers go out to all who pass this way through the internet… prayers continue to lift my friends and family during these hard times….financially, physically and spiritually….trust and love in God through Christ Jesus is our truest Hope…..really….our ONLY Hope!